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Partner meeting in Dublin, Ireland

On 21 October 2021 the Story project partners held an inspirational meeting in Dublin getting ready for the workshops that they were going to organize for young people in the partner countries - The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Ireland. After a long period of pandemic and online meetings it was good to meet face-to-face and work on the methods for attracting young people to tell their stories how they survived the pandemic. Partners thought of slogans for the workshops:

Design your future!
Each story matters!

During their stay in Dublin the partners were delighted to see a performance organized by the Irish partner Smashing Times during Dublin Arts & Human Rights Festival. The name of the play was River of Thorns, written by Féilim James, directed by Eric Weitz, performed by Michelle Costello, designed by Áine O’ Hara and produced by Mary Moynihan and Freda Manweiler. A real storytelling project!